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The Center of all is You
00:00 / 01:43

The Center of all is You

Donna Atwood

I wish i could go back and tell my younger self the things I’ve learned in my life. That inside we have a center, a core, and we need to embrace that part of ourselves because it makes us who we are. This song is what I would say to that little girl.

This Must Be the Place
00:00 / 04:28

This Must Be the Place

Patty Francis

Outsiders may not understand, but those closely involved with the Homer C4A recognize its magic and power. Maybe it’s the spirits therein, or perhaps it’s the sheer joy you feel in response to its pervasive sense of creativity and community. Whatever the explanation, the C4A is truly Homer’s “center.”

00:00 / 04:36


Brian Fitz

This song is about Galileo proving that the sun is the center of the galaxy. It covers his improvements to the telescope, his discoveries, and the resulting Roman Inquisition trial. This is dedicated to my daughters, Riley and Avery, who are studying science and nursing in college.

Aim For The Center
00:00 / 03:21

Aim For The Center

Bob Cat & Elias Kushner of The Local Farmers Union

In a world filled with left/right, right/wrong, & us/them, it's important to stay centered with your point of view and outlook in life. It's easy to meet people in the middle, if you aim for the center.


Paulette Fry

Two sisters sing about their families being the center of their lives.The music reflects the frenetic pace of the text and their typical activities

Musical Compositions

Waltz to the Center
00:00 / 02:26

Waltz to the Center

Lynn Koch

I took the word ‘Center’ and, extending the musical alphabet (a = h, b = i, etc), it became the motif “CEGFED”, used in the A sections. I contrasted this with ‘Arts’ (“ADFE”) for the B section, preceded by a fourth (D down to A), thus representing “Center 4 Arts”.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Scott Turner

Pottery is a combination of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, spun out of the center of the potter's wheel, We combine video and music to feature the creative process of Liz Goldenberg, local potter. 

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