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CENTER Award Winners

People's Choice

 "The Magical Life of Glacinda,” Pam Kavalesky's and Alice Jump”s sparkly dragonfly sculpture.

Two other entries came very close to winning. Each artist will receive a second-place honor with a cash award. These prizes will go to:

"When the center is a rockin’ come on in,” Brendan Clark’s whimsical depiction of the Center for the Arts.


“287,” Crystal Bergman’s artisan craft entry depicting how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop.

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Community Arts Challenge Prizes and Awards – CENTER


First Place: Holes by Victoria Congdon

Loopy by Tamara Congdon


Music - Musical Composition

First Place: Waltz to the Center by Lynn Koch

Earth, Air, Fire, Water by Scott Turner


Music - Original Song

First Place: This Must Be the Place by Patty Francis

Second Place: Aim for the Center by Bob Cat and Elias Kushner

Redefined by Brian Fitz

Third Place: Family by Paulette Fry

Honorable Mention: The Center of All is You by Donna Atwood


Writing - Prose

First Place: Tenacious Weaver by Meghan Aagaard

Second Place: When the Center Won’t Hold by Alexandria Faulkenbury

Third Place:        Roots and Renewal by Gerald E. Rehkugler

Writing - Poetry

First Place: What’s All This Talk About Center? by Frank Kelly

They Met at the Center by Kristin Yarnell

Second Place:     The Center of Everything by Nancy Dickerson

Third Place: Our Center by Marian Strang

Honorable Mention:  Dig by Doug D’Elia

The Endless Rows by Kate Hickey


Writing – Drama

First Place: Edge of the Gyre by Greg Moller


First Place: Returning to Center by Crystal Lyon

Second Place: Center Staircase by Teri Pelton

Mythical Staircase by Karen Robinson

Third Place: Centering the Clay by Dorothy Troike

What Awaits at the Center by Randy Ross

Honorable Mention:

Stay Centered by Christa Boice

Shifting Centers by Jean Cameron

Rusty Bridge by Skip Clark

Center Stage by Sheila Cohen

Look at Me by Frank Kelly

Front and Center by Susan LoParco

Fling it Down the Center by Christine Steger

Hopscotch on a Hot Day by Meghan VanDeuson

Morning Glory by Jean Weiss

Center of Attention by Jim Weiss


Artisan Crafts

First Place: Scenic Collage by Ashley Bobbett-X

Box Office by Karen Ernhout

Second Place: 287 by Crystal Bergman

Third Place: Center by Donna Atwood

Glacinda by Pam Kavalesky & Alice Jump

The Sun in My Sky by Teri Pelton

Honorable Mention:

Pearl by Kathie Beale

My Recorded History by Terri Gardner Fendya

Winter Fields by Sandra Holland

Alewife Migration by Pamela Jenkins

Home by Janet Johnson

Morning Meditation by Cathy Lee

Spiraling by Nancy McLaughlin

spherical on field of play by David Quinlan


Fine Arts

First Place: When the Center is a Rockin’ Come on In by Brendan Clark

Second Place: Labyrinth by Anne Withers

Third Place: Nature Unleashed by Julie Maddren

Venus Fly Trap by David Quinlan

Center of My World by Marian Strang

Honorable Mention:

Center of Our Universe by Brookley Abate

Balancing Act by Veronique Domaratsky

Return to Center by Thomas Edwards

Center of My World by Mary D. Elliott

Amelie by Emily Gibbons

Anchored by Alice Jump

Center Ice by Denise Knight

Centrifugal Farce by Michelle Lo Gerfo

Stone Circle by Deb Putman

Pollinators by Lisa Schaaf

2009 by Kuner X


Memorial Awards

Irvan Beale Award: Fall by Janet Johnson

Harry N. Davis Award:  Sold Out by Jane O’Shea

Jane Zogg Award: Daybreak Cows by Jeffrey Glave

Olcott Family Artisan Craft Awards: CENTER by Lily Byrne

Elegance by Julie Maddren

David Blatchley Award: Head or Tails? by Sharyn Madison

Rona Lee Knobel Award: Mandala by Thomas Edwards

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