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BEND Award Winners
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First Place:   Peace Will Come by Boom Dance Complex


Music - Musical Composition

First Place:           An Oboe Dream by Scott Turner

Music - Original Song

First Place:          Let Today Be the Day by Patty Francis

Second Place:    Compromise, or The Conjugation of the Verb "Bend" by Lynn Arthur Koch

Third Place:         Bend With the Wind by Russ Reynolds

Honorable Mentions:  Bent Not Broken by Donna Atwood

                                             Bend (And Not Break) by Jamie Cunningham and Antony Saturno

Writing - Prose

First Place:            The Postcard by Meghan Aagaard

Second Place:      Bend Until You Break by Alexandria Faulkenbury

Third Place:            My Friend's Unbending Spirit by Frank Kelly

Honorable Mentions:   Bend  by Kris Valentine Behnke

                                              Bend! by Lynn Olcott

                                              Stoop Labor: A Personal History by Gerald Rehkulger         

 Writing - Poetry

First Place:           Wings and Grass by Beth MacRae

Second Place:    Beyond the Bend by William Lee

Third Place:          Ribbon Candy by Doug D'Elia

                                  Memories That Meander by Cecile Swift Lippitt

                                  Mind Bending, Is It Not? By Martin A. Sweeney                     

Honorable Mentions:  Contorted by Deborah Goemans

                                             Bent But Not Broken by Donna Atwood

                                             Contends-With-God by Kate Hickey            


First Place:                Bending (Fire)light by Stephen Wilson

Second Place (Tie):    Lunar Eclipse Over the Homer Green by Dennis Howe

                                      Trout Lily by Jim Weiss

Third Place (Tie):         The Dark Hedges by lLinda Szmalc

                                           Curvy Shore by Deb Putman

Honorable Mentions:  Learn to Bend by Donna Atwood

                                             Feeling It by Bruce Adams

                                             Spouting Horn, Island of Kauai by Christa Boice

                                             Reality vs. Illusion by Sherry Dans

                                             Nature Bending Light by Margaret J. Hubbert

                                             Praying Mantis - Master of Bending by Jean Weiss                   

Artisan Crafts

First Place:             My Refuge From the Storm by Teri Pelton

Second Place:      north south east west by Liz Goldenberg

Third Place (tie):    Bent Chessmen by Frank Kelly

                                     Bent Wire Mermaid by Pamela Jenkins and Robert Martin

Honorable Mentions:   Irish Hills Softly Bend by Kathie Beale

                                              The Floor is Lava by Terri Gardner Fendya

                                              Ballerina Bird by Michelle Lo Gerfo

                                              Bending Light by Nancy McLaughlin

                                              Ashanti Voodoo Effigy by David Quinlan            

Fine Arts

First Place:              Garden of Eden by David Quinlan

                                     We Are Sorry Mother Nature by Kuki Deacon Haraveth

Second Place (Tie):       Bend the Rules by Veronique Domaratsky

                                               For Robert Frost by Denise D. Knight

Third Place (Tie):             Light Can Bend Too by Sandy Cowan

                                               Everything in Death Valley by Ashley Bobbett -X                 

Honorable Mentions:    Bending Forms, Twisting Shadows by Brendan Clark

                                               Bendable Feline by Karen Atkins

                                               Tioughnioga Bends by David Beale

                                               She’s Tired by Emily Gibbons

                                               Holy Sax by Katie Keyser

                                               Backflip by Michelle LoGerfo

                                               Aurora Borealis by Julie Maddren

                                               Soul Bending Grief by Franco Minevini

                                               Exercise by Richard Simister

                                               Super Cream by Fenton O’Shea

                                               Bending the Truth by Jane O’Shea

                                               Devotion or Dinner by Nancy Ostman

                                               Around the Bend by Anne Withers

                                               Bent to the Breaking Point by Frank Kelly


Memorial Awards

                            Irvan Beale Award: High Water All Around by Ángeles Solana

                            Harry N. Davis Award:  Bending Forms, Twisting Shadows by Brendan Clark

                            Jane Zogg Award:  A River’s Bend by Helen Leet

                            Ruth Jones Olcott Award:  Storm Warnings by Chris Gratz

                                                                                   Ballerina Bird  by Michelle LoGerfo

                            William Vernon Olcott Award: Around the Bend: Catch the Joy  by Pam Kavalesky   

                            David Bletchley Memorial Award: When Nature Bends by Carol Foster                             


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