Prizes 2020 for Theme "Window"

Community Arts Challenge -

Prize Winners of WINDOW Competition

Prizes awarded on January 29, 2021



Original Composition:

First Place: I Found Nemo by Scott Turner


Original Song:

First Place: Seasons Through My Window by Paulettte Fry and Nancy Rehkugler

Second Place; What You Don’t Really Know by Bob Cat and Kat McCarthy

Second Place: Ballad of Alcides Moreno by Frank Kelly and Jamie Cunningham




First Place: Inventory by Nancy Dickerson

Second Place: My Window: A Poem by Martin A. Sweeney

Third Place: Autumn Skylight by Alexis Amsden


Honorable Mentions:

The Window by Susan Deer

Defenestration of Prague by Frank Kelly



First Place: A Pandemic View by Alexandria Faulkenbury

Second Place: Sanctuary Window by Lynn Olcott

Third Place: Captive by Ricia Marano





First Place: Maintenance: A New Play (excerpt) by Jack Carr and Matthew B. Steele

First Place: 20.20 Worldview by Greg Moller



Artisan Crafts

First Place: Windows on the World by George Seibel

Second Place: My View by Terri Gardner Fendya

Second Place: Whispers in the Forest by Teri Pelton

Third Place: Triune Window by Nancy McLaughlin

Third Place: Vigil by Nancy Ostman


Honorable Mentions:

View by Kathleen Beale

Light, Shadows, Color, Patterns by Chris Gratz

Palette of Windows by Jim Weiss



Fine Art:

First Place: Broken by David Beale

First Place: Exercise in Futility by Richard Simister

Second Place: The Last Iceman by Nathan Loda

Third Place: Tuscan Son: Leonardo in the Window by Denise D. Knight


Honorable Mentions:

Win Dough by Sandy Cowan

My Sister’s Window by Marian Davie

Late Night Light by Emily Gibbons

Thank You Mr. Phillips by Jane O’Shea

From the Window of the Gould Hotel by Lisa Schaaf

80 First Snows by Barbara W. Tally

Teatime in Another World by Anne Withers

Window of Anticipation by Tom Steger

Window Fun by Adah Glaser





First Place: Tenacious Blooms by Frank Kelly

Second Place: Fractured Self Portrait by Teri Pelton

Second Place: A Visit – Through a Covid Window by Christine Steger

Third Place: Home School by Sherry Dans


Honorable Mentions:

Looking to Eternity by Carol Foster

Window Landscape by Paul Griffin

Reflections – Past and Present by Cathy Lee

Sunrise Inspiration by Helen Leet

The Eyes Have It by Sharon Madison

Farm Sink Window by Deborah Putman

Window on the Wing by C. Randolph Ross



Memorial Awards:

Irvan Beale Memorial Award: Weather Winter’s Bounty by Molly McGowan

David  B. Blatchley Memorial Award: Eyes are the Window to the Soul by Deborah Goemans

Harry N. Davis Memorial Award: 80 First Snows by Barbara W. Tally

Ruth Jones Olcott Memorial Award: :Light, Shadows, Color Patterns by Chris Gratz

Jane Zogg Memorial Award: Thank You Mr. Phillips by Jane O’Shea